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July 03, 2006


jj mollo

I don't know about Keeley, but this pseudonymous Spengler is a profound thinker with an uncommon slant on everything. Sometimes I agree with him, but I have to demur on one aspect of this article. He slams Jared Diamond for the Guns, Germs and Steel book, implying that Diamond would be opposed to Keeley's point of view.

I think Diamond's focus was actually on the question of why Western Civilization arose and spread before those other places were able to promote their own civilizations. I was very impressed with his book. Contrary to Spengler's implication, he works on the assumption that the people of these other places were equally intelligent, competent and resourceful. He might, in his heart feel that the "primitives" are superior to us, or at least smarter, but that is not the thrust of his argument. He is merely explaining why we of the West were so lucky.

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