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May 11, 2006



Is anyone talking about the US starting up a "United Democratic Nations" organization so we can withdraw from the UN? It sounds like a good idea to me. To get in, you would have to be a completely free democracy, and the Freedom House's rules seem reasonable.

Heck, we might even be able to accomplish something useful once in a while, unlike the UN :(

(not a fan of the UN:)

Frank Warner

I've talked about a United Democracies, and many others have proposed the same basic idea, often called the Alliance of Democracies.

In a United Democracies organization, only liberal democracies could be first-class voting members. Dictatorships could audit the proceedings as second-class non-voting members, but every time a dictatorship's representative is called on, he'd be introduced as "the ambassador of the illegitimate government of [fill in the blank]."

Such a protocol would subject the tyrannies to some of the shame they properly deserve.

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