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May 27, 2006


Christopher Taylor

Christians make movies like this, it's embarassing for me as a Christian to see one, because they're so awful and preachy and not entertaining.

Hollywood has taken this as their path now. Instead of compelling movies with a message, you get message movies that beat you over the head with all the subtlety of a trainwreck. It's pathetic, it's like they've forgotten everything they've ever known about making movies in their zeal to make a political statement and prove who's more PC than thou.

Frank Warner

To be fair, I think this was one book that was great reading, but couldn't translate into a good movie.

Harry Potter could move to the screen because it had all sorts of wild wizardry and interesting animals. "The Da Vinci Code" is about inanimate symbols. Ron Howard used some flashbacks of biblical times and the Crusades to goose up the action, but a movie can't count on a few flashbacks to save a flat and boring narrative.

This movie was so subtly confusing, we could have used a little beating over the head to keep us interested.


My mother just called and said that the movie was much better than she thought it would be. Then she told me she hated the book. I did not read it or watch it, but her's is almost exactly the opposite of everyone else's opinion as far as I've read.

I asked her why on earth she would go see a movie based upon a book she disliked. She said, "It's one of those movies where everyone goes to see it." Good lord.

Man, if I only knew as a kid that I could have gotten away with the 'everyone else is doing it' line!

Frank Warner

The movie is much fairer to Christianity than I expected it to be. And as I said, the fairness pretty much ruins the story.


I've said this before. I'll probably say it again. Watch 'The Prophecy'. It's an old B-movie with Christopher Walken as the Archangel Gabriel.

It's got the anti-Christian thing to make the left happy, and it's just plain cool. Prolly don't watch it if you are born again or similar.

Best line (paraphrased):

Gabriel: I simply cannot accept that God would raise human monkeys higher than us.

Other angel: Well then why don't you ask God about that?

Gabriel: (painfully) Because God... does not talk to me anymore.

You get the impression that this is a harsher blow than removing Gabriel from existance. Fantastic job for a B movie. I don't understand why it didn't get the vatican seal of disapproval. Probably because of its low budget status.

jj mollo

Roger Ebert says that the movie is good and the book was bad!

Frank Warner

Let me check out his review.

Frank Warner

Amazing that Ebert says, "The movie works; it's involving, intriguing and constantly seems on the edge of startling revelations." Ebert must have liked the scenery. Everything else was flat.


Uh, I can't remember. Did I mention 'The Prophecy'? Good movie. Rips on Christianity and the military as well. It's liberal heaven!

Someone needs to watch it so I can quit commenting about it. The Prophecy!

It's called "The Prophecy" and cand be found in every profetic outpost. Watch it, and realize that the DaVinci Code is small potatoes.

It's called 'The Prophecy'.

So... anyone seen "The Prophecy" lately? Walken makes for the best of evil angels. Aragorn is the Devil! It's a 'must view'.

Update: Watch "The Prophecy"

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