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May 31, 2006


jj mollo

That was the best link of the year! There are days when I feel the same. Tell you what, Frank. If you put me in your asset column, I'll put you in mine. Seriously, it's easy to like the guy because he's so honest. I don't know if it would get old, but as of now I like him a lot more than Rush and Pat.

It's nice that he's a liberal, and I like his standard of evaluating people, but I certainly have problems with some of his absolutism. A lot of cases are obvious, but drawing the line between good people and bad people can be pretty hard. Would he have survived under that standard? 300 guns is nuts! I grew up with guns in the house. We never had an accident of any kind. I have been shot at by idiots. I wonder if Ted ever fired on someone. I think they're fine in their place, but you have to have some way of controlling them in densely populated areas. You also have to have the legal tools to keep them out of the hands of the "bad people". I do agree with him about the British police.

It's a good thing he doesn't drink.

The one question I would have liked the reporter to ask was his opinion on abortion. That would have been interesting.

Frank Warner

I'm not sure I'd call Ted Nugent a liberal, and I don't want him reviving the Michigan death penalty to "save" Detroit.

But I like it when someone surprises news reporters with the news that there are people out there who don't think their passively safe little thoughts.

As yes, let's make assets of ourselves.

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