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May 23, 2006


Christopher Taylor

What amazes me is that the media and the spokesmen for various advocacy groups got away with this one so well. If you ask the average person on the street about Katrina, they'll say Bush screwed that one up - even if they are one of his supporters - although they won't exactly be able to explain why.

How this worked out I have no clue, but I think in the interest of truth, everyone should be informed about what really happened and the guilt and failure of the Louisiana and specifically New Orelans government.

Popular Mechanics has a great article about Katrina.

jj mollo

There were serious consequences to this misreporting. The sheriff who stopped people from crossing the bridge out of New Orleans was apparently motivated by the fear that these "lawless" people would turn his town into "another Superdome". His constituents later praised him for saving them from the ravaging hordes, actually just ordinary people needing a break.

Frank Warner

What a circus it was. I'd like to hear all the networks discuss that Real Clear Politics story in detail.

And Real Clear Politics should be nominated for the Pulitzer.

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