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May 31, 2006



Damon's lawsuit is 100% unmitigated bullshit.

And it took me upwards of about 20 minutes to find the facts proving it.

Frank Warner

Take another 20 minutes and ask yourself if a soldier who supports the liberation of Iraq would not feel embarrassed and his reputation damaged if his words and wounds were exploited by Michael Moore in a film defending fascism?

Moore at least could have mentioned that, despited his terrible wounds, Sgt. Peter Damon still supported the cause of Iraqi freedom.

Moore's film dishonestly implied that Moore himself conducted the interview of Damon. "Yeah," Moore can be heard to say in response to Damon. It turns out that was dubbed in later.

Had Moore honestly interviewed Damon, he could have asked, Sergeant, were your wounds worth the cause? (Of course, then, what would Moore have done with the answer? Ha!)

And going further. How does Moore justify his dishonestly abridged quotation of Condoleezza Rice?

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