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May 23, 2006


jj mollo

I am also worried about certitude. The American political process is filled today with people who are absolutely certain, Left and Right. Bush, although a religious man, is usually very sensible and temperate in his assessments. He believes that God wants him to do certain things, but he would never say that he always knows what that is, or that he actually speaks for God. I suspect that Albright's opinions in this regard, despite style differences, are similar. She's just being partisan. She's hiding her true motivations, which are political and policy differences.

Bush's stand on the war was not that of a war-monger. He sought the support of many, but in the end he had to make a decision. Certain or not, he had to stand by a decision he believes in. Why not have the courage of your convictions?

His position on immigration, to me, reveals someone who really believes in compassionate conservatism. He recognizes that Americans want the border enforced, but he also hears the other side, the legitimate desires and needs of the downtrodden. I don't agree with his approach, but I really respect his position.

His position on the ports contract was similarly balanced. He opposed a racist knee-jerk reaction.

Now, let's talk about some other members of Republican party. Let's say Tom Delay or Rick Santorum. These are people who believe so strongly in the Republican vision that they are willing to completely shut out the opposition. That's the kind of certitude I dislike. You may not like Ted Kennedy, but he represents a significant part of the country and I believe you have a duty to negotiate with him, at least to hear him out. People who call John McCain a RINO frighten me.

Frank Warner

Right, JJ.

I just added a paragraph here on Bush's reaction to a March 20, 2006, question about the apocalyspe. "I'm a practical man," he said, pretty much dismissing the question as silly.

Bush isn't going around saying, God made me do this and God made me do that. In case Albright hasn't noticed, it's the enemies of freedom who are doing that.

Christopher Taylor

Her position that Bush confuses Muslims with absolutism is just... bizarrely out of touch with reality to me. Yes, I understand the French are so very nuanced and relativistic but Iranians? Syrians? Sometimes I wonder what people like this woman do with all those years of experience.

Personally I find the idea of someone being confident in what they must do and following through against all complaints and whining to be a mark of leadership.

Frank Warner

If I heard Bush believed he was communicating directly with God, or was looking into a crystal ball every night, I'd worry.

If he never had a good reason, other than his faith, for the things he does, I'd worry. But there obviously were good reasons for ending Saddam's repression, and Bush has spelled them out.

When Bush's detractors complain about the liberation of 50 million people only because a Republican led it, I worry. When they defend fascism, I worry.

jj mollo

There's a good assessment of the US war effort to date in the NY Post by Ralph Peters.


Great demolition job. Albright is the latest in the long list of leftist attackers on the basis of minute religious pseudo-denominational differences. The Democrats get a pass as noted, whether it's Al Gore mangling a memory verse from Sunday School or Clinton posing an elliptical explanation of how he knows he's forgiven for all his sins. Hillary can screech pontifications in a WWJD mode -- Bush mentions God and the sirens go off.

Christopher Taylor

It has always seemed odd to me that a Democrat Presidential candidate can PREACH in a church like Senator Kerry, Vice President Gore, and President Clinton did, but if a Repub candidate mentions God, he's some kind of freaky extremist.

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