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April 16, 2006


James Aach

I think you make a good point that if there are better alternatives, they would be springing to the fore. "Better" must include the ability to produce the prodigious amounts of power the fossil and nuclear do. (This is where a lot of alternative energy falls short.)

You might find this interesting. It's a unique lay person's guide to nuclear power (a novel) endorsed by Stewart Brand, who's mentioned in the Wash Post piece by Mr. Moore. .

Christopher Taylor

I am greatly encouraged by movement on the left, especially among environmentalists toward support for Nuclear power. The thing is, I strongly believe that should any real action be taken to start building new nukes, all that movement will be forgotten and the old "no nukes" posters will be whipped out once more.

Remember: before 2002, everyone agreed Hussein had to go, that he was a monster with terrorist ties, he had WMD and was more than willing to sell them or give them to our enemies, and that he was a threat to the entire region. Then when someone decided to do something about that... the story suddenly changed.

jj mollo

Just to keep things confusing, Patrick Moore has been quite thoroughly discredited, or perhaps defamed, by SourceWatch. I really don't know what to make of it.

I am undecided on his motivations, but I agree with what he's saying, and I am still quite confident in James Lovelock and Steward Brand, who are sending the same message. Here's an interview with Stewart Brand where he describes his change of heart on population, urbanization, GMOs and nuclear power. I'm with him enthusiastically except for for the first one.

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