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March 17, 2006


Frank Warner

I believe V.E.G. is referring insanely to Maureen O'Hara's promise never to disclose what she whispers to John Wayne at the end of "The Quiet Man."

As far as J. Edgar Hoover having black roots, I hadn't heard that and don't care. Hoover certainly has stopped destroying files by now. He died in 1972.

Monir Sider

The whole score is one of my favorites in all of Victor Young's output (right up there with THE UNINVITED), and I've heard that tune a million times without knowing its name.Fantastic piece of nostalgia reading all this from you guys. It warms the heart so it does.


John Wayne named his yacht the "innisfree"....and refer the name in the movie "Donovan's Reef" as sailboat transports he owned in the islands to Elizabeth Allen in the bar.

Rumor on what O'Hara said to the Duke in his ear was "This film is Ford's best"

Director got an Oscar later.

Frank Warner



Muchas gracias por este estupendo trabajo sobre la musica de esta maravillosa pelicula.
Estas canciones las habre tarareado muchas veces sin saber su nombre.
Esta pelicula de John Ford es una de mis favoritas desde la primera vez que la vi hace 25 años cuando era un chiquillo.
Esta llena de alegria y optimismo.
Y cuando hoy la vuelvo a ver pienso que Maureen O'Hara es aun mas hermosa y divertida que entonces.


Saludos desde Alicante,España

Frank Warner

Howdy, Juan of Alicante!

Gracias for your comment here. I have wondered whether "The Quiet Man" is appreciated by people who speak a language other than English.

Well, now I know!

Yes, impestuous! Homeric!


ed Hammond

would like to find print ferendly verion of ile of inshfree and thares another one with the same melody about being an exile anny help would be apriseated

Frank Warner

The "precious things are dreams unto an exile" are the words from Dick Farrelly's song, "The Isle of Innisfree." The lyrics are easily found on the Internet.

Mary Ann Mangum

I am looking for information about a musical version of "The Quiet Man", to find a recording of a song that would have been sung by Mary Kate in a musical version of the story.

It goes like this:

I've a heart good and true and a wishing stone, and I need the likes of you for my own
As for friends, I've a few, so I'm not alone, but I need the likes of you
for my own
With Spring scented air and..........

and that's all I can remember. I t had a lovely melody, and I wonder if
it was recorded as a show.

Can anyone help? Thanks so much!

Mary Anne

Frank Warner

Good question, Mary Ann. Would this be the show called 'Donnybrook'? I've heard of that, but I've never seen anything of it.

C. Whittaker

I was wondering if anyone knew what the music book was that Maureen appears to be playing from when she's at the spinet/pianoforte singing "Isle Of Innisfree"?

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