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February 28, 2006



Hey Frank! The X Files is such a good show. It's about so many things involving Scully, who's a doctor, and Mulder, who's a psychologist and looking for his sister, who he believe was taken by aliens. It's based on two people, one who believe in the paranormal, and one who's supposed to debunk his work. It's a really great show, and if you watch from Season 1, you might like it :) ~ Cyndi

jj mollo

I agree.

Frank Warner

I just noticed that, in the dark there, these two characters really like to say each other's names.


"Yeah, Mulder?"

"Just checking, Scully."


"Yeah, Scully."

"You'd better come down here, Mulder."

jj mollo

That's called atmosphere. Don't be a party pooper.

Frank Warner

OK, maybe I'll watch a whole show.

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