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February 28, 2006



I believe that was, in essence, the goal of the European Union. They wanted one economic powerhouse of a country with one set of governing laws. However, with the growing economic, political and social problems, more Europeans reject the means as a problem rather than a solution. EU countries have now been seen to fail to live up to monetary and environmental agreements. France and Germany have been seen as attempting to use the plan for dominance on the continent -- especially after the Iraq debate where France condenscended to countries attempting to join the EU and both France and Germany were found to be the exploiters of the Iraq situation. Others fear that the EU plan is just a way for poor countries (or countries with poor financial accountability) to sap off of the others. The EU will never happen in our lifetimes.


That is, the EU will never be the single state as envisioned. Obviously, there is a EU but the union is more fragile every day.

jj mollo

We ourselves had a lot of problems settling on an appropriate course. We still do. The early confederation was not up to the task. Then there was that little Civil War thingie.

The EU is now just a weak confederation. There is a feeling that it is inevitable, that the sunk costs paid by the most passionate beureaucrats somehow force it to resolve a certain way. But that is not so. I think that Europe is mostly free and will stay that way, but not without effort. Freedom requires law enforcement and individual stubborness. There is a tension between the Force and the Individualism (which includes national identity). We would like less force, but we need it at some level. People like Bukovsky are necessary to maintain the tension. The EU is undergoing re-evaluation by the people of Europe. I believe that most of them want it in some form, but rightly expect the bureaucrats to screw it up.


Here is more of what I'm talking about:

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