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February 10, 2006


jj mollo

This is really great Frank! Note perfect for your message....


Another pussy-footing liberal whiner. You guys never learn.


lol.. what the hell you know about moslims and islam and mohamed in particular to mention the freedom and democratic middle east, go to america and see the people there f---ing , drunking, and they are christians,,lol and also see what happend in iraq now.. why it was not there before sonnah & seaah.. guys its america who make this nasty thoughts about islam and muslims..
and also..the GAYS..does jesus allow gays to be f---ing...? so america have laws for gays marriage. is it allowed in any religion for man marry a man...its really ridiculous... f--- democracy .

Frank Warner

It's always enlightening to hear the madmen and mercenaries who prefer oppression over freedom.

Muhammad didn't want a world of slaves. Islam favors freedom and democracy. A few of its heretics have distorted Islam's meaning to benefit their selfish hunger for power and glory. The heretics soon will be swept away with the totalitarians.


Read the Koran. If you do you'll see that the very idea of that cartoon is absurd.

After all, Islam means submission to Allah's will.

How is freedom, which is based on the notion of free will, possible when, in their view, all that happens is Allah's will?

Get educated before you and the rest of the West become Dhimmis.

Go ask the residents of Malmo, Sweden just how tolerant and peaceful Islam is. Vast swaths of the city are practically off limits to secular authorities even the police.


first of all, how dare you make a drawing of prophet muhammad, you want to be slapped upside the head you fucking fucktard?! and listen up u have no rite to right about a religion u noe nothing about, read the quran before you speak, islam is the purist religion, you think you know what islam is by the images provided to you by your damn christian president who just wants oil and is using the stupid excuse of "saving the innocent in oppressed countries" like mind your own fucking business and first fix up ur retarded country.

Frank Warner

Tasmia, you obviously went out of your way to find this image of Muhammad, the democrat.

Say a prayer and free the world.


It is disgusting that anyone or any country makes cartoons about religion. If they are ofencive it is even worse. Religion is a private decision and should be regarded as a simbol of your inerself. As long no one uses it to harm others it should be a topic to be left alone. Anyone that fails to obey the law must be charged as a trasgressor and not a person of faith. Study the religions and you will find that they are all linked. Ignorance is sometimes the root of all evil.


Key phrase: "As long no one uses it to harm others..."

Islam certainly fails that test. Islam is evil.


Thanks, Jesus.

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