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January 29, 2006



I have found a third way. If you take the t-shirt out of the dryer, and throw it in the basket, and walk away, it will apear folded in your drawer a day or so later.

I'm afraid to ask my wife about the mechanics of how this happens in fear that it may stop.

jj mollo

Kevin, For many years I was puzzled about how soap disappeared from the dish scrubber. Since I never rinsed it, I concluded that dishsoap must evaporate or self-destruct after some period of time. I mentioned this at a party one time, and my wife found it highly amusing. What's with her? I thought it was a pretty good theory.


I wish those physical anomalies existed here! Unfortunately they must be constrained to the northern hemisphere... if I throw a freshly washed shirt into a basket, it just stays there and gets creased.

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