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January 28, 2006



It's pretty silly, but I made one myself too. (Well, I stole two images and combined them. Not sure if that counts as "made". I suppose I could call it a collage.)


I wonder if they are also giving the search queries to the chinese government...


Some info here on Google boycotts.


One of Google's rationalizations that they are doing the best they can is that they indicate on their site when the results have been censored. Ooops, they don't do that anymore.


And, if you haven't already seen it, be sure to compare the difference on a search for Tiananmen Square images in China versus what we get:
Click here


"Thanks to its search technology, governments no longer have to censor book-by-book or publication-by-publication. They can censor an entire universal library instantly with terrifying efficiency. "


Congress Should Impose Trade Sanctions on Google-China Deal

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