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January 26, 2006


Val Prieto

The funny thing is that the new wall really wont block the news ticker. It will stand there as a monument to fidel castro's stubborness.

jj mollo

I think this is great! I hope he has a stroke. Somebody at the State Department deserves a pat on the back.

It doesn't matter what he does to stop it. People will find a way to know what it's saying. We should put up another zinger every day. If he blocks it, we should send in skywriters.


Maybe they can use lasers to project messages up onto the clouds.

jj mollo

That is an interesting idea George! Has it ever been done?


Yes. But I think it works better projecting onto other buildings or similar structures.


Here ya go: Use the lasers to project the messages onto his NEW WALL...

I just freakin' LOVE America!


Yeah, I thought of that, the problem is that a frickin' LASER inside the building would only be able to illuminate the side of the wall facing the building, and thus only people inbetween the building and the wall would be able to see it.

That is, unless they use a LASER powerful enough to burn through the wall ;) But I think that might piss some people off. Or alternatively, if there is a mirror on the other side of the wall they can bounce off it, but it would have to be a big mirror and I doubt there is a convenient one in the right place.


Nicholas: You're right of course. I was thinking someone would have to be somewhere else with the laser. Helo?

I hadn't thought of a mirror. Not sure about that, but certainly worth a look.

Frank Warner

I remember July 4, 1976, at the Bicentennial in Washington, D.C., they had lasers set up to write "Happy Birthday, America" on a passing cloud.

Trouble was, no cloud.

In Havana, lasers might be interpreted as weapons, so we'd better tread carefully on that idea.

For all practical purposes, the point has been made. Everyone saw Fidel Castro naked without the consent of the governed.

We're not laughing with Fidel, we're laughing at Fidel! Ha!

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