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January 24, 2006



Canada's liberals (who were just ousted)
didn't contribute to the liberation
of Iraq.

Frank Warner

They had a conservative streak. Pseudo liberals, they're a blight on the planet.

Joe Katzman

Actually, Canada's conservatives supported the war im Iraq, and Harper is a well-known classical liberal/ freedomist/ smaller government activist from his days as head of the NCC.

Next time, it helps to know what you're talking about before opining...

Frank Warner

Really? "Support"? Is Harper sending Canadian troops to Iraq?

Thanks for the "support."

As a Canadian infanteer who just got back from Afghanistan. A big "FUCK YOU". you definetly don't read the fucking wall street journal. if you do, then you would have noticed something. i suggest that you fucking google "stephen harper+stockwell day+letter+iraq+wall street" and tell me what you fucking get, you dumb american piece of shit. man, you guys really can screw shit up and i'm a bush supporter!

Frank Warner

Thank you for your service in Afghanistan to the cause of freedom and a lasting peace.

On March 26, 2003, when Harper knew the “Liberal” Canadian government wasn’t going to change its mind on joining the Iraq invasion, he said, “We should be there with our allies when it counts against Saddam Hussein.” More recently, however, The Province of Canada reported, “Harper now claims he ‘did not advocate sending additional soldiers or equipment to Iraq,’ but merely ‘insisted we should morally support’ Bush.”

Frank Warner


In a Dec. 11, 2005, letter to the editor of The Washington Times, Harper wrote:

"On Iraq, while I support the removal of Saddam Hussein and applaud the efforts to establish democracy and freedom in Iraq, I would not commit Canadian troops to that country. I must admit great disappointment at the failure to substantiate pre-war intelligence information regarding Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction."


HEY Stephen Harper, "f YOU MAN".
WELL f YOU FOR bringing the Liberals down. f YOU FOR joining the WAR with the US. f YOU FOR doing NOTHING BETTER FOR THE CANADIANS. WHAT THE f MAN. WHAT THE f IS YOUR PROBLEM HUH??? Martin was doing a great job since he was appointed. I don't care corruption cuz it will happen anywhere anytime. Son of a bitch HARPER YOU GONNA TELL ME THERE ARE NO CORRUPTIONS GOING ON IN THE CONSERVATIVES? I'll bang my head into the wall if i'm wrong.


Yeah, obviously the previous leader of Canada was doing such a great job, they voted him out...

What's with all the swearing in the comments? Did Frank say something which hits a nerve or something?

This reminds me of all the "Liberal" whiners in the US and other countries, who get more and more profane and outraged as the support of their parties dwindles and conservatives are continually voted into power. I imagine it's due to the fact that the manufactured outrage, swearing, unplesantness and sheer irrationality that modern day Liberals seem to have acquired is anathema to the ordinary voter.

jj mollo

How's the cyclone where you are Nicholas?


jj, luckily I don't live in a cyclone or hurricane belt. Far enough south that none have come our way in recorded history (although I guess nothing is impossible). I heard the banana crop was wiped out.. that's a pity, I like bananas.. but no price gouging at the grocer yet happily.

I guess I really should read up on the news more and find out whether any towns were hit. I know it was supposed to pass near some but I don't really pay much attention to the MSM so I don't know what happened.

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