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January 12, 2006


jj mollo

Millions of our ancestors were immigrants, but mostly legal immigrants who came from a variety of places, willing to work and eager to assimilate. Today we are being invaded by a foreign culture. Not a bad culture, but different from us. We have succeeded and they have failed and now they want what we have. I am 100% behind them. I want them to succeed. I want them to come here, but the numbers are stunning, beyond the ability of any country to assimilate.

If it is our culture, our shared values, our approach to life which is the source of our success, then we should take some effort to preserve the integrity of that culture.

Bush has the Republican corporate mentality. We need the workers and they need the jobs, he says. Americans won't do it, he says. Spoken by a man who never had to raise a family by mowing lawns or bagging groceries.

Americans will do these jobs if you pay us enough! It's our chance to advance, and the corporations are undercutting us by importing everything, including cheap labor. They have defanged our unions; they have starved the minimum wage; they have basically destroyed every program there is to ameliorate the curses of Capitalism. OK, Market Capitalism is a good thing! But better for some than others. Wage differentials between the top and bottom are obscene. If Americans really won't take the jobs at a fair wage, then export the job or redefine it. Job definitions are not carved in stone. Diluting our common stock in America, encouraging population growth and giving away large chunks of the country do not make a sensible policy for the well-being of the average American.

I used to dine at a large pizza restaurant where the workers were mostly Down's syndrome adults. It had the best and friendliest service in town. Believe me, they were happy to have the jobs and I believe they were paid decently. Labor shortage is a good thing! It leads to this kind of solution.

Frank Warner

Good points, JJ. Immigration does have to be regulated reasonably, and I think it will be.


Is it really important that "the United States always remains open to the huddled masses yearning to breathe free"? When our population reaches 10 billion the answer will obviously be "no". Back when our population was 100 million, the answer was clearly "yes". What population crosses us over from yes to no? I believe we are there now, and more people mean less quality of life for Americans.

We can't fall into the belief that immigration was so good for us in the past, so it will always be good for us in the future.

I'm sad for the people who live in poor countries that want to better their liives, but the answer lies in improving their home countries, not fleeing them. There is no new world to flee to anymore. Except maybe Canada, but it's chilly up there.

ps. Greetings from NJ! This place is great. They have a totally different language up here. For example, "Pleez ta meetjuz" means "hello". "Pie" means "pizza". I haven't figured out what "badabing badabang" means yet, but I'm working on it.

Frank Warner

No one is saying we have to admit 3 billion unfree humans into the United States, not all at once anyway.

But we can't shut the door on anyone who comes for a breath of liberty.

If you're afraid they all can't fit here, then do your best to encourage freedom were there is none. Once freed, the yearning for freedom is satisfied.


And New Jersey is a fine place. It's too bad its image often is measured by the worst neighborhoods of Newark and Camden. Even those cities have their jewels, and Jersey has so much more to offer, from Haddonfield to the beautiful Atlantic shore.

jj mollo

If you get outta under New York, idz decent. Yer average truck farm in Jersey puts out the best produce inee East. Whilewud Cress has more sanana Sahara.

jj mollo

If it's at all possible, I'm for an impenetrable border. My amnesty program would be this. You can go home, but you can't come back. The real culprits are Wal-Mart and agriculture. I say, shut 'em down.


Frank, I would do anything anyone suggests to promote freedom in other countries. I hope we all would. I'm even ok with forcing freedom on people. But Mexico is a perfect example of freedom not solving all problems. I don't have the faith that you have that we can help Mexico become like us. I think that letting the poorest educated Mexican's come to the US will only make us more like them. They are a badly run country that I hope we never emulate.

I was kidding about NJ. I grew up here and always enjoy coming home to visit. I'm still proud to tell people about what a great place this state is, politics aside. Unfortunately, politics not aside, they forced me out 10 years ago with their ridiculous property taxes. I won't go into specifics, but if you want to live well, move to one of those 'red' states, and donate your savings to a charity. The whole world will benefit.

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