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January 31, 2006



A new religion is in the making.


Actually, something's fishy. The bag looks an awful lot like garbage, so why would someone pull it out of the water, and especially why would someone snap a photo it when doing so?

If, on the other hand, the kid was crying, why would he be fishing the bag out with a stick, avoiding getting wet (or avoiding grabbing the bag wit his hand if he's already in the water, which he might be)? I think we are missing something here.

Frank Warner

My thinking exactly.


Doh. I'm an idiot :) I read your commentary as "what astounding luck!", not "this is ridiculous" as I'm sure you intended.

My apologies for misunderstanding you. However, I'm not willing to take the blame personally. It's the school system that's at fault. On second thought... I blame society.

Man, I love America. You never have to accept blame for your faults :)

jj mollo

The finger in the chili was pointing the way to find the baby. The Flying Spaghetti Monster kept the baby alive. The Madonna on the pizza spoke to them and told them where to look.


Heh, I was thinking the same thing about the bag.

On the other hand, did you see the video of a bull jumping into the stands? Most spectators fled while others stood and took pictures and videos. My wife said that would be me. Hmmm.

Frank Warner

Me, too, on the bull.

But why would I videotape a black bag in a lake?

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