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December 28, 2005


Paul Dirks

What about Jeffrey Dahlmer?

jj mollo

Robert E. Lee
Nathan Bedford Forrest
James Buchanan Duke
Aaron Burr
Benedict Arnold
Henry Ford
J. Edgar Hoover
Henry Kissinger
Brigham Young
Al Capone


David Duke - Besmirching the word 'Republican'
Lyndon Johnson - Creating 'measured response'
Lyndon LaRouche - Destroying the fledgling replacement for the Democrat party

I'm not good at dwelling on negatives. Here are some of the 10 best!

1. Ronald Reagan (R) - For saving America when even Americans hated America. (I will fight anyone who disagrees)
2. Teddy Roosevelt (R) - Creating national parks, national forests, and using the Sherman anti-trust act to such good effect.
3. FDR (D) - Lend-lease, and WWII motivation.
4. George - For separating us from England, and for not accepting any higher deference than "Mr. President". (Did you know 'your highness' was suggested when referring to the prez?!?)
5. JFK (D) - For beginning the march to force the southern Democrats to accept blacks as equal (this honor kind of belongs to Johnson and the Republicans in congress in 1964, but Kennedy got it started, and Johnson's ridiculous micromanaging of the war effort removes him from consideration for honors)

It's interesting to not that both Frank and jj's lists include serial killers who killed less than 100 people. You've got to be impressed with a country that in 200+ years has not produced 10 worse people (I'm thinking Stalin, Hitler, etc)

jj... Ford!?!?! Kissinger? Splain plz. Brigham Young? Wasn't he a mormon who made a university? How did he screw America? Do you mean by perpetuating the Mormon religion?


Hey Frank, I see that you say you are one of the 'last true liberals'. Could it be that there are a lot of people like you, but they just call themselves something else? Liberalism has meant something bad since Carter to me. Maybe it's the same with your comrades.

I'm thinking if you lose the pro-tax thing I could easily buy into your philosophy, and I'm a libertarian/conservative (libertarian added per your discussions :)


All Things Beautiful TrackBack A Challenge To The Blogosphere: 'The Ten Worst Americans' List':

"As a post Christmas/Hannukah Challenge, I invited the Blogosphere to name 'The Ten Worst Americans' well as Frank Warner whose list is here."

Frank Warner

Kevin, maybe the worst Americans should include the conservative, change-nothing Democrats who inaccurately label themselves liberals.


Heh, the Captain's Quarters has Jimmy Carter
in the top ten. The sad truth is that
his reasoning is rock solid:

Frank Warner

The Captain gives the Rosenbergs et al a free pass. I'll write more about that some time. The fact is, the Rosenbergs denied the Free World valuable time to build democracies after World War II. We're still paying the price.

jj mollo

Brigham Young tried to set the status of American women back to the standards practiced by Medieval Arabs. He also supported the racist theory of "The Curse of Ham", and is probably responsible for at least one massacre of 120 non-Mormons. At the very least, he was a religious fanatic who lead his people to essentially rebel against the USA. Mormons have since sought moderation and repaired most of the damage.

Henry Ford promulgated the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", which was used by Hitler, and which Islamo-fascists still use, as an anti-Semitic device. He was also the most successful proponent of the anti-union philosophy that still cripples the thinking of Americans on both sides of the issue. His inflexibility essentially forced American unions to much more radical measures than they would have otherwise employed.

jj mollo

I like your faves, but others better. Who would we miss the most if never born?

Ben Franklin
George Washington (gave up power)
Abe Lincoln (Union and land grant colleges)
Thomas Jefferson (Independence, Constitution, Louisiana Purchase, Philosophy of Freedom, Science)
Stephen Girard
DeWitt Clinton
Milton Friedman
Ralph Nader

Kevin, I don't think I named any serial killers, but Duke may have been responsible for millions of deaths.


I stand corrected jj. I have no idea who in your list I thought was a serial killer. I also had no idea Brigham young was a bad guy. In fact I assumed he must have done a lot of good since they named a college after him. I've never taken a close look at the mormon's because their religion seems as far-fetched as scientology to me.

jj mollo

There's another guy. L. Ron Hubbard. Great SF writer though. You too can do great things if you get your engrams cleared, only $1995 for level I.

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