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December 31, 2005



I was wondering whether Einstein would count as an American.

He certainly was a fantastic person so I'm glad to see his name mentioned.

What about Tesla? Does he count as an American?


You put the corporate-o-phobic Ralph
Nader before JFK and Reagan? Maybe
it was his call for reparations.

jj mollo

Susie B and Eleanor were 12 and 13. Scientists don't make my list, because no matter how much they discover, others would probably discover it pretty soon. The Zeitgeist rules Science. The exceptions would be economists and Norman Borlaug, who is number 11 because of his economic impact, choices he made. They make a difference because they impact society today, which gives us a chance to build wealth, education, unity, social justice, culture, things that add up for changes in the future.

jj mollo

Nader changed the philosphy of the country regarding consumerism and quality of goods. His early warning allowed us to remain competitive with Japan. I suspect he has saved more lives than Jonas Salk.

jj mollo

Reagan was a visionary who pursued Barry Goldwater's agenda. He did the right thing wrt the Soviet Union and his place in history is secure because of it, but he took a terrible risk with our economy by his deficit spending. It's true that FDR did the same thing, but had less choice in the matter.

JFK was also a visionary and a great leader, as well as a great speaker. There were others around him, such as his brother, who pushed him in the right direction. LBJ should get credit for Civil Rights, but Truman did the real work by desegregating the military. No one would have done anything if not for Eleanor. In addition, JFK was a mystery to everyone. I don't know if we'll ever know the whole story on his short life.

Frank Warner

Everyone here should know I'm a big fan of Ronald Reagan's stand against Soviet totalitarianism and for freedom.

Reagan certainly is in the Top 20 most important Americans of all time, weighed down by his slightly goofly domestic agenda.

On the freedom front, this President Bush seems even more dedicated than Reagan, if that's possible. But Bush suffers from much of Reagan's goofy domestic positions and he lacks Reagan's skill with words.


Somebody here sure doesn't like Ralph Nader:
Fckng Ralph Nader, fckng Public Citizen

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