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December 25, 2005



It's always confusing that there were two "Battles of the Bulge". The Germans (or at least the Austro-hungarian/German forces) tried something similar in the First World War - a last ditch attempt to throw everything they had at a portion of the advancing enemy line to try to break them.

It's unfortunate and in both cases only served to kill a lot of people and prolong both wars for a little while.

Sorry to hear about your father. I hope you had a good time this year anyway. Merry Christmas from the Land of the Beach-going Santa. :)

Frank Warner

Thanks, Nicholas. Are you in Australia right now? I remember you were in the States not long ago.


Yes... haven't been to the US for about 6 months now. I'll probably go back some time in the first few months of next year to meet with the people I do contract work for.

jj mollo

My father was a few miles away listening to the shelling. He was collecting German prisoners about as fast as he could to take them back to New Jersey. He said you could watch over 200 with a single rifleman. They were no trouble in NJ either.

Frank Warner

Interesting, JJ. As I recall, my father said he and his group were taking prisoners by the thousands in April 1945.

At that time, close to the final surrender, the prisoners were taken to big fields and, after fairly quick processing, most were sent home within a few days.


Frank Warner

Merci, Pierre! There is good information there on what else was going on in Harze, Belgium, during World War II.

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