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November 22, 2005


jj mollo

Repeat after me: "Hillary was right. Harry and Louise were wrong."

Blue Cross of California

I think universal health care can be a good thing. It might even help improve our health care system.

Frank Warner

From what I understand, Hillary's plan amounted to a bunch of HMOs.

I think we need something a little less complicated. But again, I'll admit, if we take much of the profit motive out of drugs, devices and medical procedures, we could see a drop in cures and other breakthroughs.

So this won't be easy. But when the more obvious parts of the War on Terror are over, the American public will return to domestic concerns in a big hurry. The pendulum will swing hard left. Things will shake. (I like this part of democracy, assuming the shaking is enlightening.)

We might even find the sense to raise taxes on the rich to save Social Security and Medicare!

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