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November 24, 2005



Yes, they seem so gloomy, but I don't understand it. The way I see it:

* Most of the hard work has already been done.
* Regardless of the motives, or what people said, I think it's achieving something good for them and good for us.
* Maybe I'm wrong and the situation is going to deteriorate, but I don't think now is the right time to tell. We should wait for the elections to be held, the Anbar offensives to finish, the ISF to be trained... it's not going to be THAT much longer. I think the situation will be significantly different in a year. We've already waited, what, two and a half? Is one more really that difficult? I think the risk is worth the potential rewards.

I'm sure I'll be viciously attacked for saying this so I'll go back into hiding. But I will say this: the one thing that gives me faith is what I see of the 95%+ of Iraqi people who aren't murderous scum and actually seem rather nice.

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