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November 23, 2005


scott mcwhinney

i'm afraid i do not share your view on this matter. I agree with the fact you have put forward that a man will do more damage but to say that a double standard is acceptable is ludacris. Surley you can see that, since the suffragette movement, womens rights have increased to the point where, now, females can get of lightly with things that men would be in great amounts of trouble for? I do not for one minute blame this on women but rather a government who is afraid of lawsuits brought against them for 'mistreating someone due to gender'.

Maria Bowman

I agree with the statement above as i feel too that the government is scared to pursue a law which could be discrimination against gender.


Listen up. Rape is rape, REGARDLESS of the gender! Being a male rape victim I am disgusted with you! I was raped by a woman yet I have no where to turn because I AM a male. Where are my god **** support groups, people to comfort ME? I can't tell anyone because I know what will happen. They won't believe me and secondly, its no big deal because I"M NOT FEMALE.

Frank Warner

Hey, maybe I'm wrong.


I am aconvicted sex offender who's taken an inpatient program. I was suprised to hear many others who were molested as small boys by women and they said it was frightening, that they felt helpless and only wanted to get it over with. But then it twisted their minds to believing it was normal for adults to push children into having sex, thats it's a normal way to gain acceptance/love. I regret what I did and I see how it continued the chain. Chances are my victum will continue what happened to me and what I did to her. If people don't stop justifying or joking about these situations, this chain will continue all through eternity. Each pedophile usually has numerous victums by the time they are caught. This needs to stop. Uncles, aunts, pastors, teachers, step parents, biological parents, neighbors, they are usually people you know and trust. When it comes to your kids, it's best to be protective. Don't worry about questioning their safety. It works to investigate things out. They are doing what was taught to them. Take time and have a strong relationship with your kids so you can talk to them about this kind of subjects. Secrets destroy


If you say that you have been raped by a woman and you're a male then there must be something wrong with your head.. go figure..

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