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October 22, 2005



I agree with your prediction, but for different reasons. I think support will go up, because many media outlets have started to abandon the "We're losing, we're losing, oh god we are losing" reporting strategy. Even the NYT grudgingly admitted that things are better there now than they were last year (in one article, not across the board of course).

I agree that the constitution, while important, will not stop the violence. But>here is a macromedia flash that shows that things have indeed changed. Hot spots are disappearing. Initially the coalition, and now the Iraqi security are taking over. They take a city, and they stay - no more hit and run. The media is fast running out of ways to negatively spin the war. The lack of media pessimism will ultimately win the hearts of Americans, like it did in the troubled times of WWII.

Frank Warner


Good points. Eventually, the good done by the liberation of Iraq can't be overlooked. Of course, no one knows exactly when "eventually" will arrive.

I keep thinking of Abraham Lincoln and how the Democrats kept telling him to end the war and let the South keep its slaves, and how the cause of liberation was so unpopular in 1864 even he would lose his bid for re-election.

But then Sherman captured Atlanta in late 1864, and the North rallied around freedom. Sad to say, nothing succeeds like success. Even in a war of liberation, dark days can distort the truth that there is no good in going back to oppression and injustice.

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