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October 20, 2005



He should be tarred and feathered.


You could argue that if the constitution was voted down, it would give Sunnis a feeling of participation, and it could do a lot to end violence. That's just a theory though. I don't know whether it would have turned out that way.

Like many of us have been saying, the referrendum is a victory no matter which way the constitution goes. It's democracy. I think they're better off with this constitution (and amend it later if necessary) but I haven't read it cover-to-cover...


At least he's being honest. Most of the far-left won't admit that they want to see America lose. Without that admission, it is impossible to have a meaningful dialogue with them.

Of course, the next step is to ask him how many soldier deaths his anti-war statements have caused, and see if he can be honest about that too.

Frank Warner

It's half honest. Wilson doesn't know how to deliver a full truth. He said he wanted the Iraq Constitution to fail, but not because he wanted the Bush administration to fail.

Frank Warner

And Nicholas,

The Sunni Arabs were involved in drafting the Iraq Constitution. They won enough concessions that the main Sunni-Arab political party endorsed the draft.

Starting from scratch on writing the Constitution would have brought along all sorts of dangers, not the least of which would have been the possibility that the majority Shiites would turn on the Constitution. Just imagine the conspiracy theories that a delay could inspire.

The Iraqi Consitution won about 70 percent of Iraqi voters. Which other nation on Earth could get that large a majority for a new Constitution?

It's in everyone's best interest to settle quickly on the basic form of government, elect a government democratically, and move on. With a government fully up and running, Iraq can complete the raising of its army much more easily, and that means Americans can come home a lot earlier.

It just boils my blood that Joe Wilson was out there hoping for car bombs and "no votes" on Iraq referendum day, and praying that democracy would fail.


Yes, I am aware Sunnis were involved in drafting the constitution and I think that's great.

The question is, does the average Sunni feel they have had sufficient input also? If not, how can we make them feel empowered?

The more empowered they feel by politics, the less likely they will turn to violence for empowerment, I think. At least, the reasonable ones, anyway. A good portion of "normal" Sunnis seem to feel that the violence "resistance" is valid - despite the fact that it's against a government in which they have fair representation.

I hope that will change, with the adoption of this constitution and the next elections.

Once the average Sunni is sick of violence, and wants things to get back to normal, the "insurgency" will be in serious trouble (well, even more serious...).

I'm waiting with interest for proper referrendum results. I want to see if any majority-Sunni areas voted overwhelmingly yes, like the original preliminary figures said. If so, that's great - let's welcome them to democracy!

Frank Warner

I doubt any Sunni Arab areas voted overwhelmingly yes. The idea now should be to move on to the regular activities of government: policing neighborhoods, keeping the lights on, educating children, and debating, debating, debating until the next election.

Iraq's new democracy needs a routine. The lack of a routine only invites mischief and mayhem.

That's the good thing about adopting the Constitution. It sets the rules for the new routine.


Wilson said he remains "fueled by the optimism of the 1960s". Very telling. You know he is not talking about the Apollo program.

It wasn´t optimism, it was abdication of responsibility.


"The only debate about Joseph Wilson's credibility is the one taking place at the Washington Post and the New York Times."

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