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October 31, 2005



Yep, my first reaction upon reading his speech is that Iran is declaring open war on the west - is that really what they want?

I mean, really, imagine if Japan went on public record in early 1941 with their plan to attack Pearl Harbour! How stupid would that have been? (Hell, the attack was stupid strategically, but announcing it beforehand would have been profoundly tactically dumb too).

I mean geez, if this happens, the Middle East is going to become a really "interesting" place really fast.

The good news is it would also be on the fast track to freedom if the regime in Iran committed suicide like this... assuming they don't take the rest of the population with them :(

I really don't like thinking about how bad this could get if anyone should let off a nuke.


the news media didn't
report it,because it was
"likely to inflame tensions".

just guessing.


Insert witty comment about Newsweek here.

You could be right. I suppose it's just bluster (it's either that or suicide, bluster certainly sounds like the better option).

Still, it's not very clever to give people who have called you a member of the "Axis of Evil", and who have invaded one of the axes recently, justifications to fight you.

If I were Iran at the moment I would be keeping a low profile and making deals in the background...


The BBC did>report it. They said the US Europe and Canada were fools because we took it seriously and asked for a reprimand in the UN. Here's my favorite line:

It is, in fact, not uncommon for senior Iranian officials to take a rhetorical swipe at Israel.

That makes it ok, huh? Here's my guess at how the BBC would cover a suicide bomber from Gaza:

It is, in fact, not uncommon for Palestinians to blow themselves up, killing a few jews to take a rhetorical swipe at Israel.

On a lighter note,>The Confederate Yankee wrote a similar article to Frank's, entitled "Iran Volunteers to Test Israeli Nukes". Hah!

jj mollo

We ignored Osama Bin Laden when he declared war on the US. We had a casus belli at that time and treated it like a joke. The Afghan people would have been spared a lot of trouble if we had intervened a lot earlier.

It's neither suicide nor bluster on the part of Iran. It is dead serious, and we are just nodding our heads, hoping that it goes away.

We have been pouring money without responsibility into all these oil states for half a century. That money, when mixed with a generally high level of fanaticism, adds up to big problems, not to mention the demographics.

As with environmental issues, we ignore the plain truth at our peril.

Frank Warner

News like this should always be on Page 1. Otherwise, we pretend these fanatics are kidding. As you're all saying, they're not kidding. They want to kill us. Our best hope in Iran is the young people, who want to remove that theocratic dictatorship.

jj mollo

The youth demographic can cut both ways depending on circumstances. Witness the potential for self-destructive behavior in the richest, most free Muslim nation as we speak. That nation is under assault by lawless bands of young male Islamist thugs as we speak. Will it survive as a free nation?

Frank Warner

You mean France?


Doh! I haven't laughed that hard in a while :). Good one, Frank.


and jj :)

jj mollo

Here's a link to Daniel Pipes' article about previous threats by Iran against Israel. He speculates that the reason everybody seemed to get upset this time is due to the extravagantly fanatical personality of Amadinejad and the Mullahs' concern that Pakistan is backsliding by discussing the possiblitiy of Israeli embassies in Muslim states.

Frank Warner

And don't forget that Iranians regularly chant "Death to America!"

It's still the same old story. The world is in a race between democracy and destruction.

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