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September 07, 2005


Dave t

But like someone else said: if they'd sent the doctors from Cuba it would have been great PR because how may would have gone back afterwards...?

Frank Warner

Good point, Dave.

One of the few good things about imprisoned Cuba is its surplus of doctors.

Unfortunately, Cuba has almost no medicine. And doctors without medicine is a lot like literacy without the freedom to choose which books you read.

Soon Cuba will have medicine and freedom, too.

Paul W. Swansen

I'm old enough to remember CKLW's Byron McGregor's "The Americans". Here's the link.

You'll need to scroll down a bit to get the full text.

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

jj mollo

Frank, I think you're being unfair. Canada has provided real and substantial assistance. The offer of doctors by Cuba was probably insincere, for propaganda purposes only, but it was worth a lot more than you suggest. The present condition of NOLA is probably even worse than that of Cuba, where they are accustomed to working. They would be perfect, and the knowledge of Spanish would be very important considering the number of Hispanic immigrants.

Mexico is sending a convoy with 200 troops, which will be useful for the same reason. That will be a help and is also a remarkable thing, don't you think? I think they're also sending ships, as is the Netherlands.

It's true that most of the world can't really help us. They would just get in the way, but it's nice of them to offer, and we shouldn't be too proud to take help where we can get it.

Frank Warner

Sorry, JJ, but facts are facts.

The world knows how big this disaster is. The world knows what the United States already is spending in Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Japan and South Korea.

I heard the NPR report Wednesday on all the things the Canadians are doing for us, sending helicopters, moving their ships. It's a fraud, and I don't know how NPR fell for it.

How many helicopters is Canada sending us? As far as I can tell, it's five. (Notice that your link provides no dollar total? No totals on anything. Just a lot of deceptive words.) During the tsunami disaster, Canada was similarly unable or unwilling to help anyone quickly or effectively.

If you're rebuilding a few neighbors' houses, and then your own house burns down, a neighborhood with any sense of charity would send you more than a can of paint.

jj mollo

I dunno. Maybe you're right, but sometimes it's just the thought that counts. Here's an example of a $680 contribution that means a lot to me.

Frank Warner

The thought does count. Individual contributions do count, too, and they are touching in many cases.

But Canada's official response sounded so good, but signified nothing.

Overall, we've got 100 nations donating about $1 billion, and almost half of that cash comes from Kuwait alone.


What is the UN doing?


Don't answer. I looked it up :)

The answer is:>nothing.


Saw>this over at Iraq the Model. Sometimes giving a small amount means a great deal!

Frank Warner

Iraqi soldiers donating to Americans in need does mean something. Why? Because you get the feeling they feel the pinch when they give up part of their paychecks.

That's giving from the heart.


Warner, your ignorance is showing again.

A natural disaster is a domestic issue. And when that disaster occurrs in a rich nation, then don't expect the world to donate very much as it did to the poorer nations. That's why the world came to the aide of the tsunami victims in poor and destitute S.E. Asian countries.

Look at China and Japan, there's some kind of mass flooding or earthquakes in that region happening every few years and do you hear the world contributions on the scale at which you are asking happening?

As for your "protection" of S.Korea and Japan it is only because Americans have extended the initial stay. After the end of WWII and Korean war, these two nations were simply too weak and/or in no position to negotiate the pull out; and so the Americans in their INTEREST have been there at the expense of the American tax dollars because the American government CHOSE to stay - not because the Japs/Koreans asked. Heck, if it's free then why not? Right? It maybe free for the host, but furthermore, I believe the stationed Americans have to pay for the leased land to the Japs and Philippines gov (or is Subic Bay history as an American port base?)


Something tells me the South Koreans definitely wanted the US to hang around for a bit. Lately some shrill, air-headed ones have been saying they want them to leave. Some people just don't know a good thing when they're on to it.

The US saved them all from going into the Communist shitter in 1950 and has continued to make South Korea one of the better places on the planet (home of Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Daewoo, Hynix and a whole bunch of industrial giants, not to mention a free democracy). Most of those protesting the US presence probably wouldn't be alive today had the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and a bunch of other nations under the UN (who actually seemed to have some balls in those days) not rescued them from starvation, oppression and state-sponsored murder.

I think SK could *possibly* hold off NK without the US, if NK decided to invade again. Do they really want to find out the hard way?

There are plenty of places which would be much worse off if the US wasn't around to help. Taiwan, UK, France, Germany, Holland, Israel.. to name a few. They all happily accepted the help.

I don't get what your point is, RedStar. Do you want to see these places fall apart?

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