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September 27, 2005



Many people in America and moreso abroad will continue to blame officials for things that never even happened during the hurricane. Once the media reports something incorrectly, no amount of corrections can undo the harm. Blogs help people find out the truth, but they only help the people who read them.

On a side note, FEMA is performing unbelievably well here in southwestern Louisiana. They were here at every fire station in my parish (aka county) distributing as much food water and ice as you could load in your vehicle. They still are and will continue until our power grid comes back up in a few more days.

I'm running a generator here, and can't wait for power. Air conditioning should be a right, not a privelege! (just kiddin)

Frank Warner

Hang in there, Kevin!

Did you get your $200,000 check from FEMA yet?

jj mollo

Glad to hear from you Kevin.

I'm wondering now about the reports that first responders were being fired upon. When people get nervous, every creaking floorboard is an assassin.

Frank Warner

Just saw a headling on CNN: "Hurricane Katrina love story."

What's this? Looters and the women who love them? "He looted my house, and then he looted my heart." "Our love is a Category 5."

What a country!

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