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September 30, 2005



Somebody doesn't go to jail for nothing. There is more to this story that hasn't seen daylight yet. Miller obviously wasn't protecting Libby as Libby had repeatedly waived any confidentiality agreement going back over a year. Libby did get some special deal with the prosecutor which would limit the scope of his questioning. What, exactly, did Miller go to jail to hide? That is the question that the New York Times will never bother to find an answer.

Frank Warner

I have the feeling Judy Miller went to jail as penance for something else. She had written a few too many stories "confirming" there were large stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and her pals in the Democratic Party press corps were ridiculing her for that. Doing time in the pokey, in defense of a journalistic principle, restored some respect for her.

Nevertheless, you're right, something else is going on.

After 85 days in jail, allegedly making a point, she comes out and talks just one month before the grand jury's work was done. Why? The move returns her to the column of the ridiculous.

If all of this investigating turns out to be unrelated to any primary crime -- that is, all the infractions turn out to be related to various pointless cover-ups of a crime that never occurred -- Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald will have a lot of explaining to do.

This is a long time for a wild goose chase, especially when it appears there is no goose.

jj mollo

On McNeil-Lehrer it was suggested that the prosecuter was threatening two things: 1) Seating a new grand jury to go on another 6 months, 2) indicting Judith Miller for criminal charges, which were not specified.

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