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August 16, 2005


Red Star

You are a total buffoon!

USA foreign policies are warped. The world is free, but not from the meddling forces of the USA.
Internal strifes happen, just as in the USA. So when the USA goes into a troubled country, it is always in the name of "freedom." How else you gonna give legitimacy to do what is illegal by the UN charter? And not to mention a shrouded attempted to fool even it's own American citizens.

Red Star

why does Bush walk funny? Does he have something up his a--?

Kevin>The world is not free. But the meddling policies of the USA could help to change that. Bush is freeing 50 million people! How an anyone be against that?


I'm all for it.
Tens of millions of Afghanis and Iraqis now have greater hope for the future. It's true.

Of course, the illegitimate, privileged party members who were thrown out are not happy and would call it meddling.

How about you, Red Star? Are/were you a member of a privileged party?


I'll bet the only a-- with a ---- in it is your HIV infected h--- redstar. The world would be a better place if you would eat a gun tonight.

Frank Warner

Red Star doesn't stop by anymore. My guess is, he went back to Hanoi.

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