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August 01, 2005


The Writer

I think the media does a great job of diverting attention away from the real story.
The real story should be; What is going on in irag?
I dont believe Palmeiro did steroids!
I think its just another story to avoid discussing the truth about whats going on in irag and how our soldiers are being massacred.
So i congratulate our government for once again diverting our attention away from whats really going on.

To Mr. palmeiro i congratulate you for your accomplishment in baseball and as we say in the city, Hold your head!!

Frank Warner

The three decades of sports before Iraq's liberation, it's clear from your comments, were a diversion from what Saddam Hussein was doing in Iraq.

While you were watching baseball, Saddam was compiling the most awesome statistics. By 2003, he held the world record among living dictators for deaths by genocide, war and state-ordered murder.

Writer, because of people like you, who can't pay attention to more than one thing a year, sports should be abolished.


I just wanted to tell Raffy that there are a lot of people that support you. Just look in the editorial pages of today's Sun and you will finally see some positive comments. Yesterday Cal Ripken had a nice article in the sports pages. Please send this on to Raffy and let him know we still love him and can't wait for him to play.

Frank Warner

We can't wait for him to try baseball without steroids.

If he played fair, how well would he do?

Edward Prieber

Clinton pointed his finger but did'nt get suspended or accused of perjury

Jim Robert

well i guess we could be stupid like all of you and read these pointless articles instead of just watching baseball. steroids cant help you have good hands and help you make contact with the ball you retards. if you take steroids you stil have to be a good player for it to even help you. pay attention to whats really going on


Building muscle sure helps get that bat around to make contact with the ball.

Why do I want to watch a game where players cheat? Why do they keep all these baseball statistics when today's players use advantages that were not available decades ago. Throw out the statistics; they have been rendered meaningless.

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