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August 29, 2005



Being a Sunni in a Shiite majority dominated "democratic" government is akin to being an Afro-American Black in a white dominated democratic white USA!

jj mollo

That is a bizarre comparison when you consider how long the Sunni minority has dominated the Shiite majority. I am willing to bet that the Shiites would be overjoyed to think that they could be treated as Blacks are treated in America today, that they could walk around any part of the country freely, that they could say exactly what they felt without fear of incarceration, torture and death, that they could make a living and feed their children, that they could join the military or not as they choose, that they could worship how and where they choose.

I'm certainly not saying that Black Americans have it easy, or that there is no injustice today. But in historical contrast, things today are very good for American minorities. The Shiites will not abuse their power any more than a hypothetical African American majority would abuse their power. They were on the bottom long enough to know what its like.


New it just me or do I only see Black Afro-Americans looting?

What does that say about America? Why are the Blacks the poor, unforturnate, the economically/financally poor off ones can be see remaining behind to face Katina?

jjmoron, when you compare what the blacks have now versus being a non-voting black slaves of 40 and 150odd yrs respectively, then hell, they do have it good. And the poor Red Indians...where the fxxk are they now? The last few ones I've seen are serving some canteen food up in the RedRock Nevada area.

jj mollo

Most Norleanians, black and white, evacuated thank God. The ones left behind, black and white, are poor, disabled, old or stubborn. The governments of the United States and its constituent parts are not all powerful and cannot do everything for everybody. Sometimes they try. Right now, they are doing their best to help everyone who needs it.

If you want to talk about historical guilt, that's another issue. I believe that more credit is due to people who relinquish an unwarranted social preference than accrues from the karmic residue of their ancestors' sins. There is nothing more admirable than a sincerely reformed fascist (hint, hint). If, as a totally unrelated random example, the Chinese government were to cease persecuting Christians and Falan Gong, it would more than make up for their previous sins against these people. Don't you think so?

I'm glad to hear that you have been to the United States. Perhaps you are then aware that our poor people are better off than the rich people in some countries I could name. There is nothing dishonorable in working an honest job at a canteen. Not everyone can be an honorable political exponent of discredited philosophies and defunct economic systems.

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