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August 28, 2005



Hitchens is one of the best critical thinkers of our times. Thanks for finding this, as I didnt even know he posted in The National Review.

How would you suggest they 'get the word out'? I agree it needs to be done. I am on vacation and can't type on laptops very well, or I'd say more :)

Frank Warner

They might simply focus on how we're helping Iraq. We've completed one mission, ridding Iraq of a fascist dictator, and we're trying to complete a second mission, bringing Iraq a democracy, without which there can be no lasting peace.

The "War on Terror" label only tells us part of the story. It is a war on terrorism, but it also is a war against fascism, totalitarianism. And at the moment, it primarily is a battle for democracy in Iraq.

And by the way, we liberal democrats are not "pro war." We're for democrats winning the war that Saddam launched for fascism in 1990. We want the war to end, but only freedom can end a war.

Those who oppose freeing Iraq favor war without end.

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