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June 23, 2005


Red Star

Politicians are stupid and crooked, including the those in the USA.

Case in point:
the introduction of a bill by Congress to exert pressure on China to revalue (appreciate the Yuan) or face high tariffs on China's exports to the USA. All because the of a huge trade deficit (recall who is financing the American debt by by those securities - treasury and equities, China $200billion, Jpy $1trillion, Euro $2trillion all USD). Those idiotic congressmen don't know the basic economic prinicples and they are enacting a bill. (I don't want to go further into details, but let me say that even Greenspan and Snow do not advocate such a bill).
So my point is can you believe your administration for picking on Iraqi? What has Saddam done to the USA directly? Aren't there greater evils out there (this is just a refute to the USA argument for war)like Iran/Syria/N.Korean? So just don't believe those war hawk idiots (Rumpy and Stumpy, er...i mean Cheney). Hey, Warner, try being in the shoe of the character played by Tom Cruise in the "4th of July."


It's the chickenhawk argument again. A personal attack, because their position and facts are weak. Don't give this guy/gal the time of day.

Red Star

Moron, you just did.

jj mollo

Red slur,

Politicians may be stupid and crooked, but what's the alternative? Non-political tyrants? Or maybe someone all-knowing, such as yourself?

Red Star

One solution is to educated morons like you who follow your leader blindly.

jj mollo

And who do you follow O Deep Thought? Where are your loyalties?

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