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June 22, 2005


Cung Nhat Tam

Yeah democracy all right. "Some people may argue that Vietnam does not have freedom and democracy and only has a one-party system. But you know, our ultimate goal is to maintain political stability and serve the interest of the people." - Khai

"The people" in this case is "the party members." Same old phony propaganda. We taking your house and land away to give it to the people (aka communist members). Vietnam recently pass into national law that it is illegal to setup a second party and there will only be one party, the communist party.

More than the death of flesh and skin is the death of hopes and dreams. It is my hope and dream that Vietnam will become a free democratic country and get rid of the communist flag. If the Soviet Union can collapse, Socialist Vietnam will collapse.

Nathan Dinh

"In Vietnam, there is no need for more than one party because the Vietnamese people still have strong confidence in the party." - Khai.

It is not untruthful to repeat that "he's a liar". In fact, it should read "In Vietnam, there is no right to have more than one party because the Vietnamese people do not have right to say so, don't even mention doing it".

Nguyen Quoc Viet

How bitter to witness all these arrogant lie from a dictator ! As a Vietnamse I call on the world to rescue us, the miserables in SouthEast Asia !

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