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June 28, 2005


Red Star

Warner, don't forget your passport (if you have one) and travel some. You'll be a better man for it as it may shed some light into your thick skull and make you a citizen of this planet as opposed to just a citizen of the USA.

jj mollo


From you, that's almost polite. Where do you hold your tenuous citizenship? Perhaps you take no pride in your land of origin?

Frank Warner

Red Star is shoeshine man for Vietnam dictator Phan Van Khai.

It's revealing to read the speech patterns of those whose paychecks depend on totalitarianism. Red doesn't mention freedom or democracy, except to belittle it. He speaks only of national power, self-interest and stability, as if that's all there is. That may be what keeps banh chung on his table. That may be all he is allowed to talk about.

I know that's all they are allowed to talk about in another dictatorship, Cuba. When I was there a few years ago, I heard the whispers of the imprisoned population.

The Cubans whisper about their long-denied dreams, and I'll bet the dreams are the same in Vietnam and every other police state.

While tyranny's bureaucrats praise repression and pray to Karl Marx that the grand despot keeps their paychecks coming, the average people whisper.

They whisper of freedom.

Red Star won't hear it. His totalitarian bootlicking is too loud to let him hear the voice of the people.


Frank understands that he is a citizen of the planet. That's why he knows we have a duty to help bring freedom and democracy to those who don't have it.

Dictators and tyrants believe they are above the citizenry. They won't even do what is best for their own country let alone the world.

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