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May 30, 2005



So, it used to be the ball was juiced or the bats were illegal, etc. when all the home runs were flying out. Then we had the players are juiced charges.

So, what is it now? The players, including the pitchers, can't be juiced anymore or the ball has changed to allow more movement to help the pitchers? Maybe the long ball hitters are afraid someone will look too closely at them if they hit too well, even if they're not using steroids. Maybe they have other skeletons in their closets and don't want to draw attention to themselves. Maybe it's all psychological.

Remember, way back when pitching dominated, the powers-that-be of baseball were alarmed at that trend and then tinkered with the pitcher's advantage by lowering the mound. They could still do that and it has nothing to do with steroids. Hell, dig a hole at the pitcher's mound and let him pitch from the hole. That oughta get home run production up with the use of steroids.

It's all about the fans (and the fans' money).

Frank Warner

Don't forget, most of the new ballparks made their outfields shorter. That's built in.


Smaller parks or not, the extra winds coming in from the outfield due to global warming are the real culprit in preventing the baseball loving public from seeing home runs as plentiful as previous years.

jj mollo

I think the solution is to get rid of the good fielders. Make them play with gloves on their throwing hands, and have them wear Bozo shoes so they can't move around as fast. Everybody knows that the real excitement comes with errors and extra-bases. Little League games are always much more exciting than the majors.


Nothing matches the thrill of an inside-the-park homerun as the fielders do everything to help but "play ball". Just say "no" to longball, and "yes" to inside-the-park home runs-- now, everyone will be more involved.

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