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April 27, 2005



I realize that you understand that Social
Security is in trouble but when your say that
Social Security will have to "start slashing
benefits in 2017," you present a misleading
scenario. This suggests that it is not
really a problem for another 12 years. But
the reality is otherwise.

Given how Social Security revenue is currently
dumped in with the federal budget (and we still
can't balance the budget with all that extra
revenue), any slippage between SS revenue and
outlays runs up the federal debt that much more.
And the fact is that these numbers slip every
year. If one looks at the total picture
(and we all really should), the problem
exists now.

Frank Warner

It's true. The Social Security crisis is a double whammy.

The U.S. government's general fund counts on stealing Social Security dollars that are supposed to be saved for retirees. Now, each year, there is less money available to steal. (In 2017, there will be zero.)

Meanwhile, the Baby Boomers are about to retire. Demand for Social Security will be going up, just as we discover all the money has been spent.


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