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April 29, 2005


jj mollo

The voices of such cynical experts have certainly influenced the Democratic Party in their positions on Iraq. They are not, however, the only voices in the Party. Many Democrats did not trust the Bush-Cheney team, with some justification. Vietnam, the war we wouldn't win, was the primary model in the minds of many.

So the party was split on the Iraq issue and it hurt them. A genuine election and the actual establishment of a democratic government have changed a lot of minds. The Democrats may be distrustful of the government's power, but they are as intelligent and flexible as any other group of Americans. My impression of the Polk interview is that he was one of these people who knows too much to understand anything. I was disappointed to hear him on NPR.

Frank Warner

You're right about most Democrats. The loudest Democrats are the problem. The Iraqis needed liberating. Social Security needs saving. Except Joe Lieberman, Democratic leaders are almost no help at all.

Someone please dig up Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

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