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March 16, 2005


Confederate Yankee

Which side has all the babes? The freedom-loving, world-changing side, which is the conservatives, of course!

Once again, the regressives are old, tired and mean looking, trying to fiercely hold on to a dead ideology... like Boxer, Pelosi, and Kennedy and company.

Frank Warner

Now, now, Confederate, you're confusing Democrats with liberals.

The confusion is understandable. Too many Democrats have atrophied into conservatives unwilling to accept liberal change -- in Iraq or Afghanistan, for instance -- and yet they remain convinced they are liberals.

Many have become the pseudo liberals of the conservative "left." Some are the "closed-eyed liberals" who naively shut their eyes and wish problems away, and wonder why nothing gets better.

The real liberals are open-eyed leaders, like Sen. Joe Lieberman, who stand up for the defenseless and disadvantaged, who champion liberal democracy and the lasting peace that only democracy can provide, and who study the facts and the act intelligently on behalf of the little guy (and girl).

The Democratic Party has few liberals left.


Word of a rebellion in Syria on Lebanon opposition site:


Ooops. Never mind.

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