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March 07, 2005



lebanese beauty and politics can be joined in thaly boustros person. shes hot and a real turn on when she works in politics next to general secretary of the united nation. yummy thaly grrrrrrrrrrrrr


and ure right robin THALY BOUSTROS is yummy hehehehehe


YES of coarse lebanese women are gorgeous!! Look at Shakira And Salma Hayek!!!I am also Lebanes and Mexican and it is a beautiful combination!!!

jj mollo

I was interested in your reference to Mahmoud Muktar and followed it up a bit. I couldn't find an image of "Nahdat Misr", except from very far away. I did find some of his sculptures and paintings. Here's a page with 19 of his paintings. I'm interested in how you know about him Frank.

It seems to me that information on "Nahdat Misr" might be sparce because of its use of unveiling -- as a symbol for freedom -- has become sensitive now that religious fanatics are willing to kill to enforce such practices. I wonder what Muktar would think of the Middle East today.

Frank Warner

I had done some research on the woman as freedom, and found that reference Mahmound Muktar's unveiling. I, too, was unable to find a picture of it.

Cyber Identity Patrol

THALY BOUSTROS does not exist. This is a virtual cyber false identity. The person going under that name is pretending to be the daughter of Carlos Slim Helu. This is not real. She uses Alicia Machado (ex-miss universe 96) pictures as her cyber identity and pretends to be an Elite and Victoria Secret model. This woman is located in the Ottawa region. BEWARE!

Cyber Identity Patrol

This is silly... Thaly Boustros is well known

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