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March 23, 2005



There are reports that his "disconnect" with the world was due to Prozac.

I suggest .. go short on Eli Lilly.


f--- druggy, smoking pot got him crazy, i hope the ---- in fucking hell.

Feel sorry for the victims of yet another ---- UP tragedy


u blame pot for his actions ---- that , he was evil and thats what did it . i smoke weed and i dont shoot people.


He was just unlucky. He had a crappy miserable life, everyone hated him. What did you think was gonna happen?


Did he choose victims like specifically people that bullied him? A lot of the victims look like jocks.

Frank Warner

I wondered that, too. But I get the feeling that lots of Red Lake students play basketball. It seems Jeff picked that one classroom because a teacher ran from him and caught his attention. Then he sprayed the gunfire toward the classroom floor, where many of the students were hiding under their desks. I’m not sure he even knew (or cared) who was getting hit.


You bastards! He rules! He killed off preps! Let those bitches burn! The ones who died probably deserved it!


As I've heard this Jeff Weise was one truly ------ up piece of shit. Nobody deserves death no matter how bad your life sucks, and i hope this stupid racist ------ burns in hell along with all the other pathetic "school shooters".


well it sucks to be the dead ones. and um, yeah he did what he had to do and that was it. cant hate him for it. or think it was a good i dea either, it just happend to him.

evil`s addiction

I personally think that people should shut up about this Jeff Weise guy. I`m not saying that I support what he did, but you who think you can go around and just talk ---- about people are wrong! How would you feel if you had a life like Jeff did, hearing what I heard about his life was enough to tell me that it wasn`t a good one. I am with Jeff on all this but not when it comes to killing people, that`s just ---- up!

evil`s addiction

Jensito is absolutely right! And another things, drugs had nothing to do with what happened. Getting stoned has nothing to do with running around and killing someone. It`s ----, like preps, who give people a bad name! They are the ones that bring ---- on themselves, because besides doing anything else, they have to talk ---- to every outcast they can find, and for that, all you preps can kiss ----!


From what I know about pot, it is unlikely to lead to violence. I'm suspicious of Prozac, though. I think it effects different people very differently. I know that anti-depressants are currently under investigation for increasing suicides in younger patients. Psychoactive drugs in general are unpredictable in direct proportion to their personality changing capacity.

As to preppies. Let's assume for a minute that they are evil and deserve what happens to them. The important question is, will they always be that way? Lots of people change after their teenage years. They grow up, wise up, often learning what's its like to be spurned and shunned when they leave home and have to deal with different folks. Nobody's perfect. If you can just refrain from shooting them for a couple of years, maybe they'll become better people. I've seen it happen more times than you can count. I have a beautiful niece who was truly wicked as a young teenager and diabolically cruel to some of her classmates. She started doing break-dancing and it calmed her down. Today, she's really a nice person, tolerates nasty people and sympathizes with the underdogs.

If everyone who deserved it were killed, there'd be very few of us left.

Frank Warner

I'm curious. Is there any evidence that anyone Jeff Weise killed was a preppy (as if that would matter)?


Heh, so you're telling this guy, to wait a couple of years so things can turn out better? You know how stupid that is? You think "years" pass by like seconds? Idiot, no, you know how hard it is to deal with shit from other people every damn day and having to think about such things everyday as well. My friend, it's so much easier said than done. This guy wanted to change, wanted to be a better person, but those fools who kept on judging him for his views on different subjects, his own ideas, his own way of dressing. Why must we be judged like that? We all have our own opinions, I don't think any one of you would enjoy being harassed every single day for just being yourself. Having to go to the same school knowing the shit that's going to be popping up every second in those hallways, in those classrooms, it's so hard, you had to be him in order to feel what he felt. You can't just say, oh, he can breakdance and pop out airflares or whatever and he'll be a better person, he'll be able to take the cursing and vile harassment from his fellow students and faculty members. It's not going to work so well for him, and you know what, he shouldn't have to pick up some kind of hobby or something in order to sustain all the rudeness and stupidity, he shouldn't have to, it's those people, who never shut the ---- up and just like to bother other people because they don't think like they do. We all have our own views on different things, don't talk s--- to someone because he doesn't believe in christ, because he's gay, because he likes the Nazis. All of our minds are molded from tv, parents, school, friends, etc. How do you know, that you're not the one who has the wrong thoughts or ideas? Would you like it if you were catholic and someone told you that you're wrong, that you should be atheist because god isn't real. You really want to take that s---? I don't think so, doesn't even have to go for religion, could be for anything, sports, anything, we deserve our own views, they need to be accepted and left alone, they shouldn't have to be bitched at every damn day for so long. Such things can drive a man insane, lack of friends, no communication, being hated, no one to turn to, what else could have been going through his mind? OH I'll just ----ing wait a couple of years and then it'll be over, well, he doesn't have a ----ing time machine, he isn't going to handle so many years, he'll break at some point, and you know what, he did, and so would you. If you have friends, a girlfriend, boyfriend, loved ones, people who care about you, imagine all of them gone, imagine them hating you, cursing at you, and just wanting to get as far away as they can from you, your ideas on everything, thrown out by fellow students and people you thought would accept such things. I don't think you'd like that, not at all, picture yourself in his shoes, and then decide whether it's just a few more years. It wasn't his fault, it was the pain in his heart from all the idiots who thought it was funny or cool to ---- with him because of his way of dressing, thinking, etc. He was trying, trying really damn hard to live life even with such hardships, and some ----heads had to blow him over the edge, well, hope those dumbasses are happy now, because they caused this to happen, Jeff Weise isn't the one who should be rotting in hell, or told to rot in hell, it's all the other morons in life who can't seem to shut up. So take a good look at what really happened, picture yourself in his shoes, do it, can you see how much it hurts? Now imagine living with it everyday for so long, you can't, you just can't, but Jeff Weise dealt with it and all it took was just a little push to finally end it all, hope you're all happy. Don't say he should've changed or been a different person either, he was who he wanted to be, and we should respect that, but I guess it's too late now. And no..the drugs didn't do was everyone else. RIP Jeff Weise..RIP.

-PeaCe! (BBoy Panda Z)


Damn! Now that was a world class rant! What I was saying was that you can't just be judging these people who harass you as stone cold oppression-mongers. The fact is, they're not all that different from anyone else. They have their own issues. People who tease and torment other people do it for a reason. Sometimes they grow out of it.


---- that fat ass nobody deserves 2 b killed i wish he burns in hell

evil`s addiction

First of all, tito, go fuck yourself. Obviously your someone who would have teased the fuck out of him, and JJ, no-one has the right to talk shit about people for who they are. I am with Yuji and Jeff Weise 100 fuckin percent. I can`t say that I had a life like Jeff but I can say that I Have to put up with the exact same fucking shit that he had to put up with from those fucking people who should have just left him the fuck alone! It does make people feel like shit, I dress the way Jeff did, I write poems and draw shit that other people will never understand, and all this shit bottles up inside me and one day its all going to get out! whats gonna happen? I don`t know, but it`s people who think they are better than everyone else who put me in this situation, It`s them who made me be this way, I trust absolutely no-one for the fact that I have delt with shit all my life and now i rather be by myself rather than around anyone. If Jeff were still here, i would have one thing to say, that is to never stop believing in what you believe in and be who you are because i support you no matter what happens. So everyone who wants to talk shit about Jeff, think about what Yuji said. Try dealing with this shit on your own, you can`t do it like we can!




You think you are like Jeff? I certainly hope you can take it better than he could. You think others have not suffered similarly? You should know that every group of teenagers has designated targets. It is one reason that teenagers are not considered adults. Kids are cruel. I hated high school myself. But I loved college. The same kinds of people were there, but they were somehow different and so was I.

You should learn to control your temper. If you can smile when you get attacked, you won't get attacked as often. Its a social skill thing. Think of what happens when you feed the trolls.


You know... it's sad... I read through these posts and some of you have the right idea... but others.... you are the same demons that tormented this poor kid unrelentlessly. I find this whole thing tragic... it makes me literally sick to my stomach to see a kid lost... I have dealt with troubled kids since I was old enough to care... and the one thing that I learned... is if just one person could have made this kid feel good about himself... and pound it in his head that he was just as much worthy of a good life as everyone else... and that it didn't matter that he was different... and not chalk him up as a lost cause.... I'm almost positive that it wouldn't have turned out as tragic as it did... Think back to when you were a child... all of the things going on in your life... think of how hard it is even when you do have a loving and caring family and lots of support... now picture this kid alone... with nobody but his thoughts haunting him and his only family being the annonymous posters in the forums that he visited... and even some of them were hateful... My heart goes out to this kid and the families of the people who he killed. It makes me want to become even more active in the lifes of our young ones..


Nobody has the right to take the life of another.


True... nobody has the right to take anothers life... nobody had the right to pass judgment and torment this kid either.... not his parents.. not his peers.. nonone..but it happened.... and it happens all the time... you would think that someday... somehow... we would get a clue and start to make changes...

From the diary of Jeff Weise:

Jan 4th
The instrument of my resurrection was supposed to be freedom. But there isn’t an open sky or endless field to be found where I reside, nor is there light or salvation to be discovered.

Right about now I feel as low as I ever have.

I don’t think it’s a big secret why, really.

My biggest disappointment and downfall came from what was supposed to be the one thing to lift me from the grave I’m continually digging for myself.

Nah, never. Only the worthy are saved, y’know.

I don’t know, but what I do know is I’m a retarded fuck for ever believing things would change for me. I’m starting to regret sticking around, I should’ve taken the razor blade express last time around… Well, whatever, man. Maybe they’ve got another shuttle comin’ around sometime soon?

Jan 27th
So f**king naive man, so f**king naive.

Always expecting change when I know nothing ever changes.

I've seen mothers choose their man over their own flesh and blood, I've seen others choose alocohol over friendship.

I sacrifice no more for others, part of me has f**king died and I hate this sh*t.

I'm living every mans nightmare and that single fact alone is kicking my ass, I really must be f**king worthless. This place never changes, it never will. F**k it all.

It makes me sick to know that someone could feel so worthless... especially so young... yet it happens all the time...

evil`s addiction

"After sitting there for what seemed like hours... I had the revelation that this was not the path. I am trying to turn my life around, I’m trying really hard, the attitudes of people like you are what set me back."

The words right from Jeff Weise. How can you explain that? when someone tries to better themselves, you should never f--- with that. That`s what really get`s me is the words that is posted above! It pisses me off knowing that he tried that hard to better himself and go down the right path but had to go through shit along the way to hold him from what he wanted, but never got. I can`t believe how low people can be. I can`t stop thinking about those words, i bet that person feels really fucking bad right now. I do try to contrel my temper, it`s hard when you have to put up with the same things every day, I wish Jeff would have gotten a better life, and had a better life, I`m not saying i had a life like Jeff, i just go through similar shit. I know there are others with the same problems, and I support them as well. It`s just now, it`s too hard to trust anyone anymore becuase they could seem different at the beginning but turn out the same.


evil's addiction.. I agree 100%... I had some tough times growing up with an alcholic father who beat on my mother and was cold to his children... not quite what Jeff went through... but I had my low low moments... the only differnce is that I had a mother/family that made me feel good about myself.. and proped me up and told me it would be alright... I think that this kids problem was not having anyone in his life that made him feel needed, wanted, or special... he felt like a peice of shit because everyone treated him like so... the whole antidepressant thing reminds me of a saying... you put sugar on a shit sandwich you still have a shit sandwich... otherwords... you try to mask the true problem and you end up with something that looks good... and may even seem a little sweet... but in the end... you still have shit...



What did you do to cope?

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