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March 31, 2005



The question of life rest within the hands of GOD.
Q. A plant has no thoughts but isn't it a life form?


i think they should of put the feeding tube back in her so that she would'nt of died!

Frank Warner

At the very least, she deserved a new judicial review of the facts, and a lawyer to represent her in that proceeding.


I defiantley think that they should of given her the feeding tube back. She would of lived longer. She seemed like a really nice women. But, God is there. And it was all up to him. And I know that Terri is in the hands of god now. And she is happy.


I love how we're going from equality of life to "quality" of life! To those who support thinks like euthanasia-"Watch Out!" None of us are perfect-and someone in power may decide to throw you away!

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