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March 14, 2005


jack bauer

we have one hell dictator in malawi,his name is dr wa mutharika

brittany m

You have named a few points about the characteristics but arnt their alot more????

Frank Warner

Brittany, their arnt enough hours in the day to tell you everything about dictators. You could write a whole term paper about it.

jj mollo

The thing about "No named successor" is very interesting. It's sort of like Saudi Arabia's economic suicide strategy. If you invade Saudi Arabia you'll get nothing but a pile of sand because the oil wells have been wired to self-destruct. Saddam tried something similar, and it did work to a large extent. His followers managed to keep Iraq from producing oil or electricity for some time. I think Mugabe must be doomed because people have caught on that his disappearance might lead to significant benefits. He's not holding up his end of the dictator strategy. This is why dictators really want to obtain nuclear weapons. Their demise might lead to loose nukes, or even nuclear events.

jj mollo

Here's a great interview with Christopher Hitchens where he tries to paint the full landscape of misery associated with the Axis of Evil. One thing you never want to say to Hitchens is, "Sure, Saddam was a bad guy ..."


as i read your text i go that our president in eritrea is fullfills those craterias he do it very well so like all dictators of the world.


i created dicators for a reason

The Devil

No you didn't. I did.

Ali Khalid

There is a emerging dictator in the Maldives. Mohamed Nasheed the president of Maldives is systematically suppressing opposition, pressuring media to come to line with government and finally arresting political leaders without court order.
Moreover Mr.Nasheed is influencing the Police and Defence to act on his orders to harass civil order, and has mobilized a mob to harass the judiciary subsequently forming a public court giving verdict to opposition.


Mohamed nasheed is not a dictator. he has done some very good things for the Maldives.

Frank Warner

Interesting. What kind of pressure does Nasheed apply to the news media? Is he shutting down TV stations or newspapers? Does he require licensing of journalists?

In the Maldives, can the political opposition criticize Nasheed without fear of arrest? Has he actually set up a court system directly dependent on his will?

On the other side, what good things has he done for freedom?


eritrean president is absolutely diagnosed with these syptoms , i guess he has became absolutely all that any dictator can be....may God bless eritrea !

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