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February 26, 2005



The Illegitimate and fascist Dictator Mubarak and his mob headed by his mobster son Jimmy are now engaged in gathering some criminal elements from Egyptian prisons across the country to commit crimes against the oppositions in Egypt, they pay each criminal 40 pounds and promise to release from prison in exchange to terrorise any opposition parties, furthermore they intend to destroy a few churches to give the false impression that he must use the iron fist to normalise the situation,... this criminal mubarak and his gang will stop at nothing to avoid the democratic reforms,... Mubarak is a far more dangerous criminal than Saddam. EGYPTIAN CITIZEN

jj mollo

Hosni Mubarak is mutating into a bad guy, but he has a long way to go before he reaches Saddam's level.

alsayed al masri

Not more than a dirty usual game from a dictator system and president kept resuming corruption for 25 years , and want to inherit the presidency through sons .
Hosni will not leave easily before trying to cheat on the international opinion pretending he is setting more fake democracy and maybe will reach the same doom of Sadam at the end.

Frank Warner

Mubarak will be allowed this one last false election. But his friends in the National Democratic Party should be put on notice: Their lifetime jobs are over in six years.

Because in six years, Egyptians -- and the world -- will demand real democracy, with real candidates speaking freely and voters making real choices.

jj mollo

Mubarak will pursue relations with the PRC and Russia to the extent that we will have less leverage in 6 years.


OBAMA,will he do the decent thing and drop this Puppet Dictator Mubarak ? to give the Egyptians the chance to see the day light and perhaps have the chance to prosecute this criminal Mubarak before his death,to pay for his and his family members and his Gang members Crimes against humanity ? will the so called (free haha ) world do the decent thing for a change in the 21st Century ?,instead of letting the Egyptians live in the Dark ages under this Savage and Illegitimate regime of Mubarak and his Mob.?

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