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January 02, 2005


Sandra Harris

WOW/ Your pics show too much. You were in danger too. Glad your fine. May the survivors know that we are collecting and giving in order to restore some normalicy in their lives.


Thank you so much for your pictures. The visual devestation shows how much the people were unaware of what was happening. donate. Thank God That you are okay.


The Corey Koberg photos of the tsunami you have posted are fakes. It's all over the net. You might want to remove them from your site.



Did you even read the entire section above, especially under "Updates"?

Of course you didn't. It already says there are fakes out there.

And, if you look even more closely, you'll see there are absolutely no fakes at this site. There are only links posted to other sites.

Get with it . Read and comprehend.

Frank Warner

Yes, those pictures are not of the Dec. 26 tsunami, as my post says.

They are 2002 pictures of a rare tidal surge in a Chinese river.


The ethical consensus among bloggers is apparently that posts should be modified only under extreme circumstances. All corrections, except perhaps for spelling errors or misidentification of persons, should be done by means of updates appended or prepended to the unchanged post itself. It seems to me that should apply to links as well, unless the link itself was incorrectly made (misspelled so to speak), or if it causes a hardship to the linkee.

I'm not sure what you can do about it if people fail to read the updates, though. Maybe you could remove their posts, leaving behind a stub that says, "(Removed for inadequate attention to detail)".


sorry but i had visited a site cause i was looking for some pics of the tsunami and i saw pics like these on it and the site said that they arent from the tsunami disaster, but they are pics taken by tourist in china. Those waves that you see are normal there. as you can see in some of your pics the people are smiling. your pics are fake as shit. i forgot the site but i will write again and tell you.


Another "reader" who can't read.


Your post is stupid as shit.

Frank Warner

I even have the update IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIRST SENTENCE about the photographs.

Yes, the pictures are NOT of the tsunami!

Testing ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ...

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