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January 05, 2005



Yeah, being in the UK there was an odd comment made by a news reporter, saying something along these lines
"There is always something negative to say about the US, but this time it is hard to find any fault in what they are doing"
As if there should be a fault! Hopefully this may turn some people back to liking the US, as they are putting in the most logistical resources with their military, and also a massive amount of financial resources.


The US has embarrassed a lot of people by its competence. The correct response is to compete and complete rather than free-riding and deriding.

Australia and Japan, in particular, have nodded in friendship, taken up their share of the load and tried to outdo us.

Frank Warner

Don't be concerned about what nations who take freedom for granted think about nations who liberate the oppressed.

The goal isn't to be liked by those free people who are selfishly indifferent to the suffering of others. The goal is to free the world and end the suffering.

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