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October 29, 2004



At least he didn't make his speech as long as a Kerry speech.

I am not wondering about the timing of when this tape was aired. It's obvious Al Jazeera and bin Laden think it will hurt Bush in the election next Tuesday. It won't.

But I am wondering when this videotape was actually recorded. Has anyone heard any good evidence on this? Any date/time stamps on this videotape?

It took 20 years to get the Unabomber right here in this country. It could take plenty more time to catch bin Laden who is getting help from Islamo-fascist sympathizers wherever he is.


Oh, yeah. Let me add that Kerry is actually mentioned in the videotape by bin Laden. So we can assume that the videotape was most probably done after Kerry sewed up the nomination of his party this year.


What a loser. Everybody knows that the Israeli Mosaad caused the 9/11 disaster, and then along come this Osama come lately claiming he did it. He's just trying to make all those who believe that the Israeli did it feel like fools, while doing the dirty work of the CIA and George Bush.

... and othe Halloween stories.


I heard something that the videotape could be as late as last Sunday, but no earlier than just a month ago based on the comments about U.S. casulaties in Iraq nearing one thousand.

Comments I've heard say it was made in a studio. The conjecture is that bin Laden is not stuck in a cave but is in a metropolitan area where he is fully capable of keeping up with current world events.

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