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October 30, 2004



Believe me, conspiracy theorists will continue to push this story, and sillier ones besides. It is an ailment akin to astrology and soothsaying.


Former CBSNEWS anchorman Walter Cronkite believes Bush adviser Karl Rove is possibly behind the new Bin Laden tape.

Cronkite made the startling comments late Friday during an interview on CNN.

Cronkite said he is "inclined to think that Karl Rove, the political manager at the White House, who is a very clever man, he probably set up bin Laden to this thing."

With old morons giving it this spin (bin Laden look-alike works for Bush), the Jewish conspiracy theory will live on.


Give it a rest. The guy is 88 and can't remember what year it is. I think the majority of his comments were even-handed and even insightful, which is pretty good for his age. Considering how liberal his personal feelings are (as everybody knows), he did a great job. I'm not even sure how serious he was about the Rove comment.

The comment that environmental concerns may be a sleeper in this election were, I think, insightful -- something I haven't heard discussed before.

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